More About Barbara

Barbara’s objective is to successfully work with home buyers and sellers to profitably list and sell homes while ensuring positive experiences for everyone.

Barbara brings over 40 years of sales and marketing experience and as a full-time REALTOR® is dedicated to excellence and personalized customer service.  She is committed to quality and pays close attention to detail, this ensures that all terms of the contract are met prior to closing, which has earned Barbara the trust and respect of her clients and colleagues throughout the process of buying or selling a home.  

Barbara has established a positive flow of communication with other agents, mortgage officers and title personnel as well as cultivated a list of competent, professional and reliable sources for almost all your real estate needs.  She has also worked with home inspectors and appraisers to determine any and all actions that need to be taken prior to closing.

Barbara developed the concept to become a real estate consultant to those in her community instead of just a salesperson.  She would bring value to clients by helping not only during the real estate transaction, but for years after.

Here is what Barbara offers to you: 

  • A promise to always treat your money as if it is my own.  I am a confident, caring real estate consultant who will be unrelenting in helping you to sell and purchase a home at the best possible price.
  • A promise to be your source.  I have earned the right to your business and I personally will handle all aspects of your purchase including transaction coordination.
  • A promise to provide all news – good or bad, in a timely fashion.  I will provide this information as soon as possible to make sure we have time to react to problematic issues and I will always provide solutions to these problems.
  • A promise to consult you, not a sales pitch.  Today’s home sellers/buyers have enough to worry about during a transaction.  The last thing you need is a pushy salesperson to tell you what is best for you.  
  • A promise to provide a service that is so exceptional, you will feel compelled to refer my services to your friends, family and those you care about because you truly believe it is in their best interest.  A referral is sending someone you care about to someone you trust.
  • I promise to be always available to you via cell, text or email.  Real estate is my career and want you to be an important member of my happy cliental.